5 Important Elements of Interior Design

  • Light

Light sets the overall ambience and mood of living space. It showcases every other interior design element including lines and spaces. While intelligent placements of windows and doors should be in charge of natural light, artificial lighting is divided into three primary kinds namely mood lighting, accent lighting and task lighting. 

  • Pattern

Along with colors, patterns add further life and interest to the interior design process. It tell stories of their own, and incorporate different elements of continuity. A pattern can be of any shape, and is mostly composed of repetitive and attractive designs. 

  • Space

Space is one of the most crucial interior design elements. It functions as the foundation in which the entire plan of your home is built. If you are currently designing your own home, there are a lot architecture firms in Malaysia that can help you manage your personal space well. 

  • Texture

Texture primarily deals with crucial surfaces, and determine how the usual surface feels and looks. It adds interest a depth into a particular living space, and defines its appearance and consistency. Anything that involves textiles like a bed spread, pillow cover and wall paint have a texture. 

  • Line

Lines give birth to shapes and forms. They are responsible for creating a sense of contrast, unity and harmony in a specific living space. There are three types of lines–dynamic, vertical and horizontal. Interior designs should how to properly use these lines.