How to Develop a Location-based App?


If you go to a new place, chances are that you really do not know where to go. You might get lost in your quest to find the best eating spots, the best hotels to stay in, and the ideal places to hang out. For the things that I mentioned above, it will be best for you use a location-based app that will tell you about the different shops and places in your locale. One such app development services is Foursquare. It gives you the ability to use your GPS and give you recommendations based on the things that you want to find. So, if you’re looking for a restaurant, for example, the application can present you with suitable spots along with some star ratings to help you decide as well. Location-based apps are actually quite popular. In fact, Foursquare already has more than 58 million organic downloads at the time of writing this article. If you are interested in creating a similar application, I got some tips for you:

1. Think About the Design

The design of your application is the first thing that people will look at before they decide to know more about what you offer. You have to create the logo and you have to decide on the theme you’re going to use. As much as possible, make the logo as simple yet as memorable as possible.

2. Create Prototypes

App development will not lead you to the final product immediately because rigorous testing should be done in order to quash any bugs that might appear. Therefore, you have to create some prototypes. Create at least three with similar features, but with probably different coding schemes. All of them might present some bugs or even just one of them will work perfectly. Continue on this path until you have developed something that is bug-free.

3. Features

Location-based apps should make use of the phone’s different functionalities to give the best possible recommendations based on a user’s current location. An application could use the phone’s GPS and internet connectivity to give real and accurate results. Some features that you want to include in your app would be:

a) A Check-in feature that allows users to book a hotel even before they arrive

b) The app should also offer some recommendations. Implement a search utility on the application itself and when users input something like “best restaurants”, they should be presented with various eating places with a 4 or 5-star rating
c) Give users the ability to give reviews and implement a rating system as well
d) Optimize your app so that it will not eat up too much battery nor too much data

4. Specific Audience

Creating a location-based app can be time-consuming, especially if you want to cater to the general public. You could specify an audience and just cater to them. For instance, you could just suggest the best places to eat instead of giving out suggestions for the best hotels, best car rentals, etc.


Location-based apps are quite popular because of its usage and the ability to give people directions is quite helpful. However, it would take a lot of time to develop, so make sure to create prototypes along the way. Also, incorporate features that you’re sure will benefit the user.