NDT Company in Malaysia: Check Out Altus Marine Solutions

Malaysia has many types of companies like eCommerce and more. One of them specializes in marine services and they do tests on the fields. Test methods have their own branches. That is where NDT settles, or its other name is Nondestructive. It is the process of examining, testing, or analyzing materials, components, or assemblies. They are for discontinuities or changes in attributes without jeopardizing the part or system’s serviceability. In other words, the part can still be used once the inspection or test is completed. In its contrasts, others are destructive and done within a certain amount of limit.  

These destructive tests are commonly used to measure material physical attributes. They are like impact resistance, ductility, yield, and ultimate tensile strength, fracture toughness, and more. NDT is more successful in detecting discontinuities and changes in material characteristics. Modern non-destructive tests are being utilized in manufacturing, fabrication, and in-service inspections. This is done to verify product integrity and reliability, as well as to regulate manufacturing processes. Along the way reducing costs in production and get a stable quality. 

ndt company Malaysia

NDT company in Malaysia is something interesting. They may not know very well but they are out there. One of the top marine services in Malaysia is Altus Marine Solutions. Founded in 2010, it is a part form Altus Logistics Group Network, so they are a real deal. From a small office in Johor, they have expanded and its presence in Malaysia slowly grows. They specialize in Marine Services, Logistics Services, and Oilfield Services. Altus believes in values. The motivation they have in serving their clients. They are committed to providing solutions to all challenges that come ahead. With years of experience, they sharpen their skills and expertise, positioning them at the right spot to provide the best solutions.  

Now what they actually provided? They offer Ship or Rig preservation and maintenance. With their help, you can cut out the cost of fixing any rapid corrosion, electric deterioration, you name it. All the issues can be prevented ahead of their time, thanks to Altus’s supervision. Next is decommissioning and dismantling of oil rig platforms. Altus Malaysia will help you in having a safe regulated practice in terms of waste removal, tank cleaning, the provision in marine fleets, and more. All of that under a cost-effective approach. They will provide the services like lifting gears cargo-carrying, pressure test the NDT, mooring system, and more. You are in good hands with the service from Altus Marine Solutions.

Every company needs to be in a serious strict command when it comes to coping with abundant regulation. Here in Altus Marine Solutions Malaysia, they have all the certified and inspectors to help you guard the stakeholders. Prevent all the unnecessary risks. Other than that is maintenance. Altus Marine Solutions provide maintenance, repairs, every necessary check for your offshore hose. They understand how costly it can be if they are damaged so through this approach, those risks can be prevented. Altus Marine Solutions are armed with experts and quality tools to help you maintain your hose. They have a mobile team and equipment ready to go. Their services are available everywhere. To name, they are like Bintulu, Johor, Labuan, and more. Even near Indonesia, Lembongan. From inspections, hose stringing, dismantling, Altus Marine Solutions got you covered. Wait no more and apply to Altus Marine Solutions now!