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12 Aug

Worst Gambling Sites of All Time

Gambling on the internet is a flawed industry. Casinos online in Malaysia occasionally encounter problems with disgruntled consumers or software glitches. It's acceptable if an online casino has an issue now and then especially on poker games. But it's how they deal with these issues after the reality that distinguishes their business. Unfortunately, many online casinos and software companies have done a poor job of admitting and correcting their errors. Many of these businesses have turned out to be plain con artists. Fortunately, there is a handful of monitoring sites that keep an eye on these circumstances and assist individuals who have been defrauded. Even with these watchdogs on the lookout for gamblers, shady internet gambling companies have managed to carry off scams. What's worse scarier is that some of these criminals are still active today. Continue reading to learn about the two of the largest internet gambling scandals.