What To Watch On Netflix?

Have a Netflix account but have no idea what to watch? I bet I’m not the only person that has this problem. Sometimes my Netflix account just sits there unopened for days or weeks because I don’t know what to watch. I mean yes they have many shows but I just don’t know what to watch. Apparently, this is a conflict that everybody has. Well, you don’t have to suffer from that problem anymore, because this article will tell you to want shows or movies that you need to watch right now! 

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Anne with an E 

You want to watch something that you don’t have to catch up or seriously binging in every day, something light and easy to understand. You should definitely watch this series! It is about the life of a red hair girl orphan and how her life changes after being transfer to live with an old sibling. The storyline is also really light and easy for you to understand, this is definitely the show that you can watch after a tiring long day. 


This 90’s top series is still a favorite for everyone. Starring the lovely Jennifer Aniston along with some talented actors and actresses.  This shows portrayed the life of 6 friends in their early 20s until they are grown into full adults. Adapting to adulthood and battling with career changes, love, and other different problems. This is one of those evergreen tv series that everyone will love. 

Grey’s Anatomy 

Want to binge on some medical tv series? This is one of the most popular tv-series about medicine ever existed. It may be not that accurate in terms of medical but it is still fun for you to binge on. It tells you about the story of Meredith Grey and her friends on their journey to becoming a surgeon. From being a young intern to an award-winning surgeon, you will definitely be hooked by this show. Maybe after watching this show you will want to pursue your study in ‘sarjana muda perubatan dan pembedahan’. 

The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel

A true-crime lover? Want something that will keep you on edge? This documentary is what you need to watch. It tells you about the mysterious case of the missing and dead Elisa Lam. How did she end up naked and dead in the hotel water tank? Why is she acting really bizarre in the elevator? To answer all of those questions you need to watch this documentary and how all of these people solved one of the most mysterious cases in the world of true crimes. 

I’m Thinking Of Ending Things

If you are someone that likes to analyze and think about a movie, you should definitely watch this psychological thriller even after finishing this movie, many people have no idea what just happened and what they just watched. This movie has one of the best cinematography and performances by all of the actors. 

There are tons of good movies, documentaries, or tv-series that you can enjoy watching on Netflix. Don’t be afraid to explore, who knows you might get hooked by the most unexpected shows or movies. 

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