Worst Gambling Sites of All Time

Gambling on the internet is a flawed industry. Casinos online in Malaysia occasionally encounter problems with disgruntled consumers or software glitches. It’s acceptable if an online casino has an issue now and then especially on poker games. But it’s how they deal with these issues after the reality that distinguishes their business. Unfortunately, many online casinos and software companies have done a poor job of admitting and correcting their errors. Many of these businesses have turned out to be plain con artists. Fortunately, there is a handful of monitoring sites that keep an eye on these circumstances and assist individuals who have been defrauded. Even with these watchdogs on the lookout for gamblers, shady internet gambling companies have managed to carry off scams. What’s worse scarier is that some of these criminals are still active today. Continue reading to learn about the two of the largest internet gambling scandals.

Casinos online in Malaysia
  • Keno

Keno’s house edge is commonly stated to be 25%. That implies the casino keeps a 1⁄4 from every dollar you wager. But that’s not the full storey; depending on the game’s regulations and how you play, you may be giving the house a 35% advantage. The lottery is the only regulated game I’m aware of that has worse odds, but at least some of your lottery losses go to charity. Keno is not among the worst online casinos just because it makes the casino a lot of money. It’s also a terrible game. In essence, players select numbers in the hopes that they correspond to the numbers picked by the casino. In comparison to other online casinos, it’s half bingo, half lottery drawing, and it goes at the pace of cold molasses. If you absolutely must play keno, stick to video games. These games have a modest advantage in terms of odds. Just keep in mind that video keno features drawings every few minutes rather than once or twice an hour like the live game. Over-playing will cost you your advantage in the long run.

  • Rome Casino

Rome Casino is one of the most well-known online casinos in the world. They’ve been accused of everything from shoddy game design to frustratingly sluggish withdrawals. The worst episode in Rome’s tattered history occurred when they were caught selling a slots game without the necessary wild symbols. Wilds on reels 1 and 5 of TopGame’s Diablo 13 made it impossible for anyone to win the jackpot. Both gamers and industry watchdogs alerted the casino to the missing wild symbols. Management said that they had removed Diablo 13 off the market and had TopGame repair the problem before re-releasing it. However, players continue to notice the missing wild symbols, proving that this is not the case. Worse, Rome never explained the situation once the malfunctioning slots machine was ultimately turned off. TopGame, at the very least, apologised and stated that any gamers who were harmed would be compensated. However, as we’ll discover later in this article, TopGame has had more problems than just running faulty software. Surprisingly, Rome and TopGame ended their relationship after the latter requested $2.85 million in overdue earnings. The shady casino momentarily halted down after TopGame pulled their software from Rome, allowing them to rename and start a different provider. They’ve since changed their name to Rome VIP Casino, but the problems remain. Slow monetary processing, non-payment of wins, and poor customer support continue to plague Rome VIP.

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